There has never been a better time to visit Cyprus for a summer holiday. Whether you are planning a romantic break with a partner, a family trip with your children or a friends holiday, Cyprus has everything that you need to the perfect stay. Here are just six reasons whey we think it makes the perfect destination for a summer holiday.

Visiting the Turtle Rescue

Cyprus has an island dedicated to rescuing the turtles and if you like wildlife it is an amazing place to visit. The island is known the world over for scenic beaches and warm weather and what better way to spend a day, that checking out the great work that they do at the rescue centre?

Mount Olympus

One of the most famous sites in Cyprus, Mount Olympus was the supposed home of the Greek gods in ancient Greece, and no trip to the island is complete without paying it a visit. Tours are available all year round and are a very affordable way to spend the day whilst taking in some amazing sights.

Mount Olympus

Historic Villages

Cyprus isn’t just all about the beaches and the sea. In fact the quaint villages which are dotted all over the island are full of history and and for those with an interest in culture and architecture, they make great places to visit. Just some of the most picturesque villages include Askas, Bellapais, Buffavento, Tymvou, Varosha and Vretsia.


This city is located on the eastern side of the island and a lot of cruise ship dock here. The traditional walled city is well worth a visit and the port is a lively area where you can relax with a drink whilst taking in the view of the boats and ships. The St. Barnabas Monetary is also well worth visiting if you have the time. Garmagusta is also home to an isolated area which resulted after the Turkish invasion of 1974, and a things stand frozen in time there, just as they were on that day.


Akamas Peninsula

If you fancy getting off the beaten track a little, a good thing to do is pay a visit to one of the least inhabited areas of Cyprus which is the Akamas Peninsula. With no paved roads, if you are a fan of mountain biking or hiking, the area is ideal. The wildlife here is also something to behold with a wide range of native birds as reptiles, as well as the island’s famous turtles.